Think of Me Love
Mira Stroika official music video
password: MiraMV2020
The story of new birth, uncertainty, and love.

Think of Me Love tells an unusual story of pregnancy, and explores the mysterious world that secretly expands within. The journey begins with the unearthly universe, that leads us through the planets of uncertainty, quirkiness, and passion. All the feelings that the artist has during her pregnancywas transformed into an artistic way.

In the end we see the destination, at which the mother and the child finally meet for the first time passionately and warmly.

The making of this video is also fascinating - not only was the artist involved in the filming during her pregnancy, but also the creative team were designing art that was directly attached to her body, and customize the unusual journey in the post-production process.



Director & Art Design: Annlin Chao

1st 2D Animation: Stephen Vuillemin
2nd 2D Ahnimation: Annlin Chao
3D Animation: Bang Wei Cheng, Yi Pei Hou at Wildmotion Studio

Colouring & Lighting: Ivyy Chen

Music & Sound Design: Fab Martini at Rocket Studio

Production Company: Annlin Chao Studio

Humanities Research Team: Jo Sofaer, Tony Whyton
HERA Knowledge Exchange and Impact Fellows

Special Thanks: Noah and Gad Sofaer, Stephen Cocks, Mick Lin

Film extracts used by permission of HERA-funded projects
Intoxicating Spaces, Public Renaissance, and Fresh Ground Films.

Project funded and supported by HERA

© 2017 All Rights Reserved Annlin Chao, London, UK.