What We Do

We aim to produce high quality animation or live action for art, exhibition, commercial, music video and documentary. Directed by Annlin Chao, the production crew including several professions and collaborators. Based in London, the studio takes projects worldwide so feel free to drop us a line.

Annlin Chao
Animation/Film Director
Art Director

Annlin Chao is an award-winning film and animation director based in London and Taiwan. She has been working on experimental materials, extending the boundaries between art, animation, and moving images. She specializes in design-driven projects that combine physical material with digital animation, transforming abstract concepts into collage and surreal sense of visual arts.  Her works also ranging from video art to performance and installation. Currently, she’s a freelance director, focusing on directing work in London, clients include Channel 4, National Palace Museum Taiwan, Twinings, and music brand Sub Pop...etc.

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Instergram: @annsloopinglife


Remi Winner, World-Fest Houston International Film Festival, USA, 2017

Best Animation Award, Travel Film Festival, Russia, 2017

Nomination Best Animation Awards, Premiers Plans Angers, France, 2017

Best Animation Award, Seattle Shorts Film Festival, USA, 2016

Best Theme Award, West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival, USA, 2014

Best Short Film Award, Utopia Film Festival, USA, 2014  

Best Animation Award Nomination, Island Film Festival, USA, 2014

Best Animation Award Nomination, Anifest Canterbury Film Festival, UK, 2014

John Norris Wood Natural Form Drawing Prize UK, 2013

Festival & Exhibitions

Vimeo Staff Picks
Manchester Film Festival Official Selection, UK, 2017

San Diego Asian Film Festival Official Selection, USA, 2017

LandShuter Film Festival Official Selection, Landshut, Germany, 2015
RiverRun Film Festival Official Selection, Carolina, USA, 2015
Pico Island Film Festival Official Selection, Pico island, Portugal, 2015
Anifest Canterbury Film Festival official Selection, UK, 2014
UK Young Artists Festival official Selection, UK, 2014 
Nomination Best Animation Award, Long Island Film Festival, USA, 2014
International Film Award Berlin official selection, Germany, 2014
Crypt Gallery Art Exhibition, UK, 2013


Crossline Taiwan, 2017

Metabolic Megazine, 2017
Creative Review, 2016
Fubiz Megazine, 2016

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