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Sky In Their Eyes V&A
Ruixu Comtemporary Performance in V&A Museum London

It was a paradise to those animals, until one day a tragedy comes.
Sino Flux was held at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, with Chinese artists invited to celebrate the evolving changes and development of China in the field of culture, through the mediums of art, design, performance and sound. Invited by the V&A to headline this curated showcase of Chinese art and talent, artist and designer Rui Xu presented her new works - SKY IN THEIR EYES - The Antelope In A Vanishing Landscape, a journey of tragedy and hope through fashion and dance theatre.

Director: Rui xu
Production: V&A late nights
Videographer: Chia-Hung Lin
Film Editor: Annlin Chao, Chia-Hung Lin

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