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Lead Me To You
Tom Rosenthal Official Music Video 

“I love every fraction of you; yet every fraction, make both complete and incomplete you.”
A story of missing a girl.
The official music video of Tom Rosenthal "Lead Me To You".

Written and directed by Annlin Chao.
Dance/ Choreography by Carys Staton
Videography by Mick Lin
Makeup/ Dressing by Phebe Wu

Lead Me To You is an animated music video for British singer Tom Rosenthal. The story is about missing a girl the singer love: the girl appears in fractions and related to emotional objects that trigger the memories, such as flowers, moon night, and the mountains. With Collage art style, we see some clues of the story, but not all of them.

You will always remember that night with her, but somehow, her face cannot be recalled anymore.

Technique: 2D animation, live action filming, post-production.


Creative Review, 2016

Fubiz Magazine, 2016

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