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Memories Are Now
Jesca Hoop Official Music Video 

During the new year of 2017, I directed "Memories Are Now" for American/British singer Jesca Hoop's newly released song. The video is talking about breaking down the obstacles in life, get away from the nay sayers and build up her confident. This girl is fighting but still looking at her life with a sense of humour.

The abstract black and white colours and different looks of her represent the opposite sides of her situation, while the geometric elements imply her strong spirit and attitude.
The visual is breaking the objects of memories apart, turning into geometric shapes, and combining together with the girlʼs body (spirit). While transforming those shapes, she is in between reality and surrealism; she has control the shapes (obstacle in life) and building up her confident.

Director / Animation: Annlin Chao
Video Production House: Annlin Chao Film Studio
Director of Photography: Zoran Veljkovic
Editor / Grading: Chia-Hung Lin
Make up design: Jinny Kim 
Dressing: Minnie Wu, Vega Wang
Typography Design: Chung-Yang Chen

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