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Oh No Pedro
Tom Rosenthal Official Music Video

** Officially Selected by Academy Award® qualifying festival Atlanta Film Festival**

A story of a young man who has lost his words, his thoughts, and his gender identity. Those eyes are always sharp as knives, yet the secret insides him is no longer hidden, waiting to be free by himself.

Director's Statement: 

"Oh No Pedro" describes a war between one and oneself; a war of finding an identity. Through the presence of animation and live action, two parrallel worlds are coexisted - the young man and the female inside him. The eyes from observers are sharps as knives, yet the most dangerous part is the man's mind. In the end, the man finally touched his deepest part, and embrace the person who he really was. 

Director: Annlin Chao
Videographer: Zoran Veljkovic
Choreographer: Alistair Wroe
Color Grading & Editing: Mick Lin
Costume Designer: Tsai-Chun Huang
Dresser: Vega Wang
Dancer: Alistair Wroe



Winner of Calcutta International Cult Film Festival- Best Music Video Film and Best LGBT Film
Atlanta Film Festival Official Selection (Oscar Qualified Festival)

Stuttgart International Trickfilm Festival of Animated Films Official Selection (Oscar Qualified Festival)
HollyShorts Film Festival Official Selection (Oscar Qualified Festival)
Toronto Short Film Festival Official Selection
Fire!! Barcelona LGBT Film Festival Official Selection

Listen to 'Oh No Pedro'onSpotify :

Best LGBT Film - Calcutta International
stuttgart film festival.png
Best Music Video - Calcutta Internationa
Watch Behind the Scene here:
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