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Phantom On the Cliff
Graduation Film Royal College of Art, 2014

A story about the obsession between a rock climber and the mountains. However, the obsession becomes hatred after an accident. My graduation film of Master of Art Animation Royal College of Art, 2014.


A story inspired by Phantom Limb, the neurological phenomenon that people still sense the existence of their limbs after amputation. American Neurologist Oliver Sacks mention it's a potential memory that still lingers in the brain; designer Revital Cohen describes phantom limb as the provident of the soul.

For the main Character, Ben, he senses the missing limb but in an unusual way: there are rocks and plants growing on the arm. During the night, he has dreams/illusion, in which the mountains are glowing, like calling him back. In the end, he decides to go back to the mountains, facing his past and pain.

One shall move on and survive only if he is willing to trace the source from where the nightmares are.


A stop motion made by wax and pratsil, creating an icy and surreal world.

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Awards | 獎項

This is England Film Festival Official Selection, Rouen, France, 2015
RiverRun Film Festival Official Selection, Carolina, US, 2015
Pico Island Film Festival Official Selection, Pico island, Portugal, 2015
Premier Plans Film Festival Official Selection, Angers, France. 2014.
UK Young Artists Festival Official Selection, Leicester, UK, 2014
Best British Film Nomination, Anifest Canterbury Film Festival, 2014

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