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Paperself Advertisement 2018
The story happened to four friends with different style....

The official advertisement of London based brand PAPERSELF, world's leading paper lashes and unique temporary tattoos! Five friends who have their own characteristic and style, meet up for a chilling afternoon drink.

Director/ Annlin Chao
Project Manager/ Yi Hua Shen
Videographer/ Zoran Veljkovic
Assistant Videographer/ Julian Bivol, Jonathan Long
Makeup Designer/ Phebe Wu
Style Designer/Yi Hua Shen, Tsai Chun Huang
Music Composer/ Chloe Yuchun Hu
Editor/ Annlin Chao, Chia Hung Lin (Mick)
Color Grading/ Chia Hung Lin (Mick)
Dorota Rowinska
Wing Yue Leung
Kim Stark
Vlad Troncea


Specially thanks The Blue Anchors, hammersmith, London.
All rights reserved Peprself.

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